Entry #17

A Girl and Her Droid

2016-02-24 12:22:35 by Artist-Lost

Over the last few weeks I have been releasing my free weekly comic "A Girl and Her Droid" which is one of the many stories planned for the Legacy of a Dead Rebel universe with each chapter following a different character through the events that will eventually weave them together. As stated previously, this chapter will be provided for free at a weekly rate. Eventually I would like to produce a page every other day, but to do this I would need to quit my day job, so I have created a Patreon Account to help fund the project. While the comic will remain free as a digital view, Patrons who donate will receive additional content including concept art, wallpapers, signed prints, original artwork, scifi/fantasy portraits of the patron in my semireal painterly style in the comic universe, artist commentary and there is even a slot for an ongoing cameo apearance in the story. If certain goals are met additional content such as stickers, posters, hard copies of the comic, and other merchandise will become available and will be free to different patron levels. My stretch goal is to produce a RPG with animated cut scenes, and possibly an animated series!




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2016-02-24 14:16:39

Maybe a good 5$ perk would be an 8x10 glossy once a year? Pages look good, your pitch decent and amicable. Best of luck!

(Updated ) Artist-Lost responds:

Yes! Great idea, i'm still thinking of things to add to the tiers and a yearly longevity bonus signed print with a thank you letter would be perfect!

I'm adding the $5 level: You will gain access to concept art and sketches, and after a full year of support you will receive a 11x14 signed "print of the year" done in my semi-real painting style with themes from the comic universe as well as a letter of appreciation for your support at the end of every year.


2016-02-24 20:03:55

Interesting but where can i read it?

Artist-Lost responds:

Both in my art section, and on my Patreon page


2016-02-26 15:35:03

great, but how long will it be?

Artist-Lost responds:

Endless. Well sort of, characters will be continually weaving in and out of the story, having definite endings, but to put it in prospective each character will have a unique background story consisting of several 26is page chapters (issues). I already have the stories for 8 characters and new ones will keep coming about in addition once the main story arch for each characters organ is complete I still have plenty of material as they grow. So basically the story will last as long as people enjoy it. (This does not require financial support as it is a passion of mine, but what I can do with it like printing, and how fast I can produce it does.)