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I'm a Sci-Fi/Fantasy illustrator who loves comics

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Completed Hungriest Zombie

In 2012 I began a project called "The Hungriest Zombie". It was a comic based on a short story by author Jason Thacker. At first the project went very smoothly, until disaster struck, and my computer containing the only full resolution psd files succumbed to years of abuse and required a complete wipe to save it. Try as I could I could never recover the files, leaving me demotivated and putting the project on hold. Some time in late 2013 I picked it back up, it was a fresh start and I was interested again, for about a month till the computer itself finally died. This time, learning from my previous mistake I had backed up the files. So I bought a out of the box hp and frankenstined it with the power supply, cooling system, and graphics card of my old computer. It was about this time that I also purchased my first draw on screen wacom syntec tablet. The tablet did wonders for my quality and speed, but unfortunately, my style also changed. Also about this time I began working full time as a patrol officer. So the project dwindled on slowly for a while till it was ultimately shelved until just a few months ago when I purchased the wacom companion 2. Like the tablet before it was designed to draw on the screen, but this one acts like a laptop as well, effectively unteathering me from my desktop and allowing me to work anywhere. With the new power in hand I finished the comic as well as touching up some of my older pages to match my newer style and quality. So finally it is finished! Now we are just waiting for the publisher we had spoken to so long ago to see if they are still interested in running it in one of their one shot anthologies. I know a lot of people have been waiting on this one, and I've kicked myself repeatedly on many occasion for the rediculous time it took to finish. I will make sure to keep you all posted for when we get a publisher lined up or if we end up self publishing.

Question of The Week

Realism Vs Cartoonism: Over the years I have found inspiration in both realistic, and cartoon (anime and western) illustrations. While I have strived to make my work more realistic, I find I always have a cartoonish flare to my style that leaves me somehwere in between realms. So my question is, what artists have inspired you the most, are they realists, or cartoonists, or somewhere inbetween? How much do they influence your style, and where do you feel you fall in the spectrum?


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