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Pretty solid work. It's a little repetative in how the scenes repeat, it's not my taste, but that's not going to get a down vote. So I give a 4.5 star, good quality but needs less recycled frames to get the 5

Gettin me all teary eyed over here... great work ^.^

Love it. great resolution.

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the last building says 7500, but really costs 10000. Other then that, its a very simple game with little interactivity or actual gameplay as there is nothing to balance. The points I give are for the art which is actually very well done.

Makes me think of "The Last of Us"

The pixel graphics are nicely done, the game is simple yet not so much to be empty and short enough with such simplicity to not be boring. I could see this concept going a lot further into a more developed game, but its good the way it is.

This is a pretty good addition to the clicker/idle games list. It doesn't stand out on the leading edge, but it's still above the average of this type, and far above several that I have seen. This has good graphics, and I haven't encountered any errors. Also this little hidden ways to get some extra crystals were pretty clever.

Speaking of which...
Just wanted to point out, Createure is goof ball. Had they clicked the yes button then would have seen the error. Btw, that was awesome! I gave you an extra star for that.

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Man this makes me miss my electric guitar bad... Good work on the riff, I'd like to hear some melody tho ^.^

tijnn responds:

Hehe thanks alot mate! ;)

an artist lost.

I can't give proper words to describe your work, but you have a gift that so few have, the ability to create an emotion at the tips of your fingers. I beleive people with that ability are what keep this world from falling into nothing. This song, while not as devoloped as your other work is still marked by that gift and is worth more then what others have rated it.


This is about the only good guitar solo work on newgrounds. I'm rather happy to see that the old level of quality isn't forgoten on newgrounds. Im not sure why your rankings are so low, but I assume that most would sacrifice good music for songs with vocals. Anyhow keep posting, I look forward to your next track.

Love-Hate-War responds:

Heh, thanks man. I dunno...I guess they just wanna hear generic crap, or metal...but hey. I don't tend to post much of my guitar work up here for that reason.

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Nice cover art here. Glad to see other comic artists posting ^.^

beautifully done perspective study. I especially enjoy the lit windows. The style of windows however is a bit repetitive, which is fine, but it gives me a sense that this whole area was build around the same time rather then a slowly grown city, which is great if that's what you're going for, just something to think about.

Be careful with the people sizes though, if we use the bridges in the foreground as reference on how big the people should be, then the people on the bridges in the middle ground and back right side look to be giants as they are relatively the same size rather then shrinking as they recede into distance.

Nice clean lines and shading, this might benefit from some core shadows in the form shadows. The cast shadows look great though.

I'm a Sci-Fi/Fantasy illustrator who loves comics

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