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Nice cover art here. Glad to see other comic artists posting ^.^

beautifully done perspective study. I especially enjoy the lit windows. The style of windows however is a bit repetitive, which is fine, but it gives me a sense that this whole area was build around the same time rather then a slowly grown city, which is great if that's what you're going for, just something to think about.

Be careful with the people sizes though, if we use the bridges in the foreground as reference on how big the people should be, then the people on the bridges in the middle ground and back right side look to be giants as they are relatively the same size rather then shrinking as they recede into distance.

Nice clean lines and shading, this might benefit from some core shadows in the form shadows. The cast shadows look great though.

I like the line quality and contrast of this. I wont comment on the anatomy because it looks like you have an extreme stylization going on, but for the cloth work if you search "6 fold types every illustrator should know" you will find some great resources on how to make that look really good without a lot of work involved.

Dooffrie responds:

Okay! thank you.

very beautiful use of colors and light, the turtle's shadows feel a bit fuzzy, I know the water is creating a lot of ambiance, but it's hard to see the underside of the form which makes it clash a bit with the nice hard edges everything else has.

great consistency in you lines and coloring. If you map out a point for your light source i think you will find that your shadows will be more consistent in the direction they fall, right now it kind of looks like you have a lot of light sources. Also good use of reflected light on the shadow sides of the gauntlets.

Samurai pizza cats!

I love the dynamic composition and extreme perspective. Some great brushwork and subtle details on this one too. The separated foot of draws me in, but it's hard to tell why it's separated, is it part of a different dragon, did it get cut off, or is the attached leg concealed by something.

People are always drawn to critique great works of art, nobody wants to attack something of low quality. This piece is up there with Norman Rockwell in quality. Yes the subject matter is silly, (due to the contest I know, maybe post that in your comments) but silliness aside it meets and exceeds the theme of the contest. The textures and light refraction give me a clear understanding of what each material is made of. The shading is consistent giving me a clear sense of lighting direction, however It would be nice to see some more defined cast shadows from a more dynamic light source. The color balance is great, the shadows and highlights have defined temperatures. The anatomy and perspective is spot on, I couldn't spot any issues (and I look extra hard with high quality peices). As for the mechanical aspect, the shapes give me a good sense of three dimensional space and plausible movement of parts that look functional rather then decorative. The Christmas lights were a nice touch and good way to add a bit of color, I would recommend putting some cast light from them on the shinny parts. Overall the composition is pretty solid, you created a circular space in the top 2/3 which keeps my eyes on the image, which also placing your main subject matter in one of the golden thirds positions (top right line crossing). Overall this is a great piece, as a person who loves concepts I would have preferred to see more of the machine, but that would have meant sacrificing a dynamic composition so great decision. Keep this great stuff up.

Giedrius responds:

Thank you for introducing me with Norman Rockwell! His work is jaw-dropping.
I highly appreciate your critique and points you were making. If applied, would definitely improve this illustration. I'm very much in learning and will take this on-board. :) I need stuff like that.

Beautiful work! Loving the old style movie poster feel and the nice gritty airbrush texture.

eazay5000 responds:

Thank you!!

I'm a Sci-Fi/Fantasy illustrator who loves comics

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