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A Girl and Her Droid

2016-02-24 12:22:35 by Artist-Lost

Over the last few weeks I have been releasing my free weekly comic "A Girl and Her Droid" which is one of the many stories planned for the Legacy of a Dead Rebel universe with each chapter following a different character through the events that will eventually weave them together. As stated previously, this chapter will be provided for free at a weekly rate. Eventually I would like to produce a page every other day, but to do this I would need to quit my day job, so I have created a Patreon Account to help fund the project. While the comic will remain free as a digital view, Patrons who donate will receive additional content including concept art, wallpapers, signed prints, original artwork, scifi/fantasy portraits of the patron in my semireal painterly style in the comic universe, artist commentary and there is even a slot for an ongoing cameo apearance in the story. If certain goals are met additional content such as stickers, posters, hard copies of the comic, and other merchandise will become available and will be free to different patron levels. My stretch goal is to produce a RPG with animated cut scenes, and possibly an animated series!




Completed Hungriest Zombie

In 2012 I began a project called "The Hungriest Zombie". It was a comic based on a short story by author Jason Thacker. At first the project went very smoothly, until disaster struck, and my computer containing the only full resolution psd files succumbed to years of abuse and required a complete wipe to save it. Try as I could I could never recover the files, leaving me demotivated and putting the project on hold. Some time in late 2013 I picked it back up, it was a fresh start and I was interested again, for about a month till the computer itself finally died. This time, learning from my previous mistake I had backed up the files. So I bought a out of the box hp and frankenstined it with the power supply, cooling system, and graphics card of my old computer. It was about this time that I also purchased my first draw on screen wacom syntec tablet. The tablet did wonders for my quality and speed, but unfortunately, my style also changed. Also about this time I began working full time as a patrol officer. So the project dwindled on slowly for a while till it was ultimately shelved until just a few months ago when I purchased the wacom companion 2. Like the tablet before it was designed to draw on the screen, but this one acts like a laptop as well, effectively unteathering me from my desktop and allowing me to work anywhere. With the new power in hand I finished the comic as well as touching up some of my older pages to match my newer style and quality. So finally it is finished! Now we are just waiting for the publisher we had spoken to so long ago to see if they are still interested in running it in one of their one shot anthologies. I know a lot of people have been waiting on this one, and I've kicked myself repeatedly on many occasion for the rediculous time it took to finish. I will make sure to keep you all posted for when we get a publisher lined up or if we end up self publishing.

Question of The Week

Realism Vs Cartoonism: Over the years I have found inspiration in both realistic, and cartoon (anime and western) illustrations. While I have strived to make my work more realistic, I find I always have a cartoonish flare to my style that leaves me somehwere in between realms. So my question is, what artists have inspired you the most, are they realists, or cartoonists, or somewhere inbetween? How much do they influence your style, and where do you feel you fall in the spectrum?

This year I was tapped to create the logo for the NGADM 2012 competition.
Head over to for auditions and details.

Newgrounds Audio Deatchmatch 2012

Zombies, and Cowboys?!

2012-06-01 01:52:19 by Artist-Lost

Zombies, Cowboys... It's like peanut butter and jelly!

It's like I'm in a the middle of a delicious fanboy sandwich of favorite two game/movie genres. Of course your probably thinking I've gone crazy sauce, but I'm still in artistic heaven. So what exactly has brightened my mood more then a squirrel playing ping pong? Two things my friends, I was recently approached to create some concept art and storyboards for a Zombie Cowboy movie pitch called Zombrero from a script written by some wonderfully talented people. While I was in the middle of the painting up a demo piece to land the job along came another talented fellow by the name of Jason Thacker, an up and coming horror writer. He spotted the rough draft and fell in love with that state that he ended up buying the rights to the image for the cover of his latest book Dead or Alive. Check out his work on Amazon, he is definately one to watch.

Also, as it would happen I got the job with the Zombrero crew and everyone at my most visited site of all gets an early look at the concept work. Sorry, the storyboards are staying under-wraps!

and here are the concepts:
Sarah Miller
Griffin Black
Sam Weller

As for the Zombrero crew check them out on facebook here for updates on the movie!

Down Spiral

2012-03-31 02:23:03 by Artist-Lost

I know practically every artist I have met has gotten into one at some point or another. All I know is I feel like I'm in that rut now and I need to find something to be inspired about again. Art just hasn't been making me happy for a bit and my last few submission's have suffered because of it. First they started getting sketchier, then the dynamics went away. Now with my latest piece I pushed myself trying to make something that would get me excited but it just seems boring and forced. To those of you who liked my more recent work, thank you for your words.

With Edd's passing I feel a little less light in the world. I think it's time to take a hard look at why I wanted to be an artist.

To all of those who know me from my critiques, sorry If I was a little hard some times. I sometimes forget to have fun with art myself and get to into the business and technical side. Do what makes you happy, and if that's stick figure's decapitating each-other or penis headed tentical monsters then by all means go crazy.

Anyhow, I went back to what I was doing just before I joined the military and found these 4 comics that I never released. Comics I did when I was still having fun so I decided to post them all today in the Art Section.

NDC 2011!

2011-08-08 18:08:27 by Artist-Lost

For those of you who don't know, the annual Notepad Drawing Collab is underway! If you've got some drawing skills this is the perfect time to get your work out there and get that fan base pumped. The last few years we have had some amazing talent come through and this year I'm expecting to see the same.

This year I have signed on to do art critiques, for everyone no matter what level of work they post, and no matter if they get into the collab. As anyone knows, a good critique that doesn't sugar coat everything or simply flame is the best tool for an artist to grow, and I will do my best to make sure you get that chance.

Check out page 1 for the rules and get those hand skills crackin!
NCD2011 Link

NDC 2011!

Just wanted to let everyone who has been following the Shadow Legacy work I have been posting for some time that work has finally began on The Dead Rebel Chronicles comic. I'll keep people posted as much as possible, and look for the first chapter to be brought to you completely free. At the moment I am planning to release the free portion as a Newgrounds exclusive first release.

As an extra bit of just for Newgrounds users only fun, I would like to invite anyone who would want to see their original characters make a brief cameo appearance. Mind you, I may have to make a few alterations to characters who wouldn't otherwise visually fit into the world. For reference take a peek at my art section, or "The Art of Shadow Legacy" flash that I have posted. Any character added will be listed as a co-author when I post the flash flip through version for advertisement shares. Also, if the comic gets picked up, expect a free copy in the mail.

____ For full view minus the gag bubble, check my art section

Shadow Legacy: The Dead Rebel Chronicles

You Decide!

2009-02-02 16:25:14 by Artist-Lost

After a long month and a quick single day move I am finally in my lovely new dream Yurt (Single room round cabin, loads of space.) on a beautiful nature preserve. It's a nice bit of heaven before I ship off with the AirForce in March.

So now... Aside from my daily outdoor work with various firewood and land duties I have finally the will and time to work on my next project. However, I can't decide which to do and they are piling up on me. Sooooo.... I am going to leave it up to the Newgrounds community since ultimately what ever project I get done will be posted up here for your viewing/gaming pleasure.

Without further aduligigles or what ever you will. Here is the list of goodies in order of conception.

Shadow Legacy Episode 1, a beautiful intro to the Shadow Legacy series with photoshop painted backgrounds and frame by frame animation.

EmoPet: Rise of the Posers, a point and click adventure through the world of stereotypical cliches and the mysterious corporate enterprise bent of profiting from turning the world into a bunch of posers.

Shadow Legacy: Seeds of Power, a choose your own path through the first chapter of the shadow legacy saga based around the events taking place in the Corseca crater.

Omelas Revisited, A remake of one of my old animations which was filled with lots of ungly tweens and backgrounds that didn't quite blend based on the story "The Ones Who Walked Away From Omelas" by Ursula K. Le Guin.

The Art of Shadow Legacy

2009-01-10 23:41:50 by Artist-Lost

I finally did it! Finally a Art of Shadow Legacy compilation is finished and out for your viewing pleasure. If you have been watching my work for a while and been thinking "What the heck is this Shadow Legacy thing about?" Well now you can find out,... well at least a bit of the story for ya anyhow ^.^

Shadow Legacy is a... well very very long project I am working on. Since I am shipping out with the Air Force I want to make sure that people who follow my work have something to enjoy while I'm gone. This project is a creation of a massive universe of work containing various stories from the people on planet Gemini, a massive derelict Katinian Mothership that has since grown over into a planet. Future plans include finishing the novel I am working on, getting an animated series started, and getting some games out for Newgrounds.

Check it out!

WeAreNewgrounds Image Complete

2008-12-20 02:03:59 by Artist-Lost

My group image for Newgrounds is finished and up for your viewing pleasure ^.^

Click here for large view!

This image was created as a thank you to Newgrounds for my new Bamboo Fun Medium. I put in a call to artists with flash work that had won awards in the past and from their submissions created this.

Characters included:
LilOrphanBoy By TimFrommeyer
Edd By eddsworld
Carbon By carbonwater
DevilSlayer By YungJazz
Reporter By Nqkoi1
Psion Law By ColdReaver
Outlaw By BiffTheTimid
Cannoncrotch By I-smel
Hamish By sorbitol
Darkar By Darkar

I will probably end up creating a flash version of the image to show which character is which when you scroll over them.

WeAreNewgrounds Image Complete